Navigating Complexity Workshops

What Organizational Dilemma has you Stuck?

We start with a challenge posed by a leader. It could be a persistent problem that defies solution or an overwhelming opportunity with no clear path forward.

Participants Learn about their Unstuck Minds Profile

Before attending a Navigating Complexity session, participants take an assessment to learn about the type of information they are drawn to when solving a tough problem.

A Fresh Perspective is in the Cards

Up to 30 participants spend four hours in table groups working on the question that has the organization stuck. They learn the four thinking strategies and play four rounds of a card game to apply each strategy to the current dilemma. Through lively discussions, each table group aligns on 1) missing information, 2) original insights, and 3) new options that they believe will constitute a fresh approach to the problem.


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How might Unstuck Minds become a platform for amplifying your mission?

If your job includes influencing, supporting and/or providing thought partnership to organizational leaders, consider joining the Unstuck Minds Network.

Our advisors include executive coaches, consultants, organizational design practitioners, solution sales professionals, agile development professionals and other functional experts who help decision makers think through their situation to get unstuck.

Unstuck Minds Advising Professionals learn how to use the Unstuck Minds Compass, gain access to our databases, and connect to a community dedicated to helping their clients recognize and avoid thinking traps by asking better questions.

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What’s Your Question?

For a chance to see your question on a card in a future conversation card deck, submit your question below or tweet us @unstuck_minds

Unstuck Minds Question Card Decks

Question card decks include 52 question cards organized into four “suits.” Each suit represents one of the four inquiry strategies of the Unstuck Minds Compass.

When you order a deck of cards, you will receive a link to the Unstuck Minds Assessment. When you complete the assessment, you will receive a report that will help you understand how to make best use of the card deck.

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A deck of Unstuck Minds Question Cards and a Journal