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Meet our network of independent professionals who share our mission to bring more creativity and compassion to the world through people and organizational development. The Unstuck Minds Network is a place to learn, develop and thrive by teaming up to creatively solve problems and drive meaningful change through our work in the world. Interconnectedness of the network powers our ability to serve the interests of all stakeholders, including our ability to fulfill the personal and professional development needs of our clients and our community.

Priti Ahuja

Dallas, TX

I enable people to unshackle their restraints to realize their true and full potential.

I am an impassioned and strategic leader working to create transformational learning experiences and psychologically safe spaces for organizational leaders, teams, educators, and professionals to immerse themselves in inner and outer work as a pathway to resilience. Reduced workplace stress, increased employee investment and strong community are at the core of my approach.

As an advocate for healthy relationship management, well-being, mindfulness, equity and inclusion, I draw upon my education in consumer behavior, child development, brain-based learning, and positive psychology, as well as years of corporate experience in the advertising and non-profit sectors to help shift mindsets, patterns and habits. I champion the work of Social & Emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence in my community through partnerships with local universities, schools and organizations. I believe strongly in the power of  human connection to heal, fulfill and propel humanity to increase our collective consciousness.

Ask me about the key to living your best life.

Ela Ben-Ur

Cambridge, MA

I make our best ways of getting unstuck accessible for every person and moment.

I work with leaders on powerful yet simple, concrete ways to start getting unstuck and making things better, from personal work to teams and staff meetings. They and their organizations recognize, embrace, and address stuck—and one another—more readily.

Over 13 years at the innovation firm IDEO, I led and coached teams working in diverse industries, geographies, and sectors; facilitated workshops for clients; and co-founded IDEO’s Leadership Studio for developing project leaders. I’ve offered workshops and keynotes through MIT (my alma mater), Sloan, Babson, Dartmouth, and Harvard, and at venues from SXSW to the International Development Design Summit, Accenture International Women’s Day Conference, Front End of Innovation Conference, National Science Teachers’ Association STEM Forum, US Conference on AIDS, and AIGA.

Ask me about my passion work, 5 questions distilled from many different practices, in use from preschools to startups, global conferences, and rural communities.

Michele Gravelle

Boston, MA

I help people prepare for and manage their most difficult conversations.

For over 30 years, I have worked with professionals in organizations to help individuals navigate through their toughest conversational challenges, leading to increased emotional intelligence, improved strategic relationships and enhanced team dynamics.

Prior to turning my focus to 1:1 coaching and workshop facilitating, I held executive leadership positions with Triad Consulting Group and Vantage Partners, both affiliated with the Harvard Negotiation Project.  I’ve worked with companies in every imaginable industry, from brain surgery to chocolate production, from rocket science to toothpaste!  What I’ve learned over the years is that every person on the planet, no matter the role, company or industry, struggles with knowing how to deliver bad news, give and receive feedback and engage in hard conversations without damaging the relationship. I am passionate about helping people gain confidence and courage to approach these situations with more skills and less stress!

 I am a contributing author to, Enlightened Power: How Women are Transforming the Path to Leadership.  and hold a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Learn more about me and my services.

Ask me about my work with the Children’s Literacy Foundation.

Ford Hatamiya

Albany, CA

I help leaders do the right thing while improving business performance.

I deliver outcome-focused training with interactivity, gravity, and levity. I tell impactful stories and help others do the same. I enjoy working and aligning with diverse, global teams. I coax leaders to figure out their next thing and pursue it. I have content expertise in the areas of facilitation, presenting, leadership, coaching, innovation, strategic thinking, and diversity and inclusion.

I have three decades of experience training, coaching, and consulting in a wide variety of industries and sectors. I have worked around the world and with organizational leaders and teams representing a variety of national cultures.

Ask me about reasons to visit Japan and R&B music of the ’80s and ’90s.

CHRIS Holliday

New York, NY

I love helping people explore new perspectives and pathways to move them beyond seemingly impossible obstacles.

I work with leaders to enhance their leadership mindset and support them to accomplish specific goals. I’ve worked with execs to: nail the first 100 days in a C-level position, boost EQ and executive presence, overcome imposter syndrome, manage pandemic fatigue and burnout, as well as improve engagement in virtual meetings, craft all kinds of communications, and even get a standing ovation after presenting. I use a blend of coaching, consulting, and training. Clients say I’m energetic, supportive, insightful, and collaborative.

I leverage a unique blend of experiences as a corporate leader, marketing consultant, executive coach, trainer, and professional actor, as well as education and training that includes an MBA and a Masters in Education. For the last decade I’ve trained leaders in blue chip companies around the world in leadership and communications, and coached clients across a variety of industries and topics.

Ask me about my television series, Mary Once More.

Melissa Labor, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Frisco, TX

My passion is partnering with organizations and leaders to create exceptional workplaces.

My approach is tailored to the business as we collaboratively identify the future strategy and align actions, behaviors, and programs to transform the culture to support it. I use a mix of coaching, consulting and facilitation to design bespoke techniques to accomplish your goals. 

Prior to working independently, my experience was in senior people and culture roles in industries including commercial real estate, manufacturing and retail.  My training and certifications include Coach Training Institute (CTI), TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence, Predictive Index and Dare to Lead.

Ask me about how much I love Brené Brown’s work and why grace is my favorite word.

Kristin Leydig Bryant

Atlanta, GA

My mission shifts focus from year to year, but is always related to gaining clarity. I love figuring out new ways of doing things, and working through ambiguity to a point of clarity.

My #1 Gallup strength is “Maximizing.”  When I am introduced to an initiative, organization, or technology, the ideas start to pop on how I can help the pieces connect, get better, or get clearer….or sometimes how to use it in an entirely different way. I am always learning and wanting to help others learn with me.

I cut my business teeth in a Big 6 firm, after my MBA at the Wharton School. Once there, I quickly realized that I was most interested in the projects that acknowledged the symbiosis of how traditional businesses work and how people thrive (or don’t) within them.  Since 2002, I’ve worked independently, honing that interest on three areas: leading for innovation, executing business strategy, and organizational change management.  My first career was as a technical writer at a national laboratory, and I’m grateful for that experience every day.

I always use the Oxford comma, and I serve on the board of directors for the SouthEast Association of Facilitators.

I have published two non-fiction books – one about virtual meetings and one about paraplegic dachshunds

Ask me how the Doxie Hokey Pokey links to Design Thinking experimentation, my love for board games (Wingspan!), or what I’m writing. Or drop by for a spatial media chat in my world on topia.

Mia Mbroh

Dallas, TX

I create safe spaces that allow for an understanding of the connection between mental and emotional wellness and that of organizational wellness.

I strive to create productive workspaces that invite human beings to be seen, heard, and valued so that people feel safe bringing the best versions of themselves to the table. I strive to create spaces that allow for civil and compassionate dialogue.

I am a licensed professional counselor. I hold certifications as a trainer for the Anti-Defamation League, Managing Implicit Bias for Law Enforcement, and Cooperative Parenting. I am a dispute mediation specialist.

Ask me about four-wheeling in Hawaii and helicopter rides over volcanos.

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Stevi McCoy

Dallas, TX

I’m passionate about helping teams increase their effectiveness through clarity and alignment, and working with individuals to develop the self-awareness and EQ skills they need to become confident, empowering leaders.

I work with teams of all sizes in the areas of business strategy, leadership development, executive transition, change enablement, public speaking & presentation skills, and strategic communication.

I have over 20 years of experience in strategic communications, people engagement, and business optimization. My industry experience spans Hospitality, Healthcare, Architecture & Construction, Financial, and Sports & Entertainment. I hold certifications in Columbia Workplace Learning Institute’s Reaching Productive Agreements with Cultural Intelligence and Leveraging EQ to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness, and Interaction Associates’ Essential Facilitation and Facilitative Leadership.

Ask me about how improv theater can not only improve your presentation skills, but can also make you a more effective, strategic leader.

Tanya McGinnity

Barcelona, Spain

Let’s shake things up! I’m passionate about helping clients lighten up, wake up, get playful and tap into their inner resources to get more support.

My trademark is showing up with energy to work in an eclectic way with individual and team stories. Whether coaching or facilitating team workshops, the focus is getting to the heart of it all; supporting people to find where and what has them losing time and energy, and helping them get clear about what matters and what is in the way of making that a priority.  My role is to create a safe container that builds trust and enhances the capacity for the individual or team to grow and truly realize their awesome potential. To add in serious play, structured emergence and a pinch of madness to allow people to get real and messy as that’s when the transformation happens. 

I have 20 years experience getting people fired up for change. Getting them to laugh more, sweat more, listen more, say no more, go deeper, let go of their load or their attachment to it and remember what’s important. It’s a joy and an honor to accompany people in this journey of reclamation that spans their professional, personal, physical and psychological being.  It’s the human quest for aliveness, purpose, integration, wholeness and balance.  Originally from N. Ireland I have lived and worked across the globe and am fluent in Spanish and make people laugh in French. I have been riding the current of ‘Learning & Development’ since leaving college in Dublin at the beginning of the Celtic tiger in Ireland, from there I lived in Spain, India, California and UK . Additionally I am immensely grateful to have traveled worldwide to facilitate team workshops and coaching programs. 

Ask me about 2 hour silent sittings.

Natalie Mendez

Dallas, TX

I support and encourage individuals and teams to optimize their strengths and talents and achieve their goals.

Through coaching and facilitating, I help clients understand their motivations, increase self-awareness, and uncover inner talents. Through our work together, clients create and embrace their authentic presence, enhance trust and connection with others, and build on their innate strengths to achieve success.

My experience includes over 20 years in corporate environments and 15 years in leadership.  I’ve held roles in human resources, finance, and learning and development in industries, including technology, airline, retail, and consulting industries.

I am an ICF-ACC coach, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and have experience with DiSC, Conversational Intelligence, various 360 debriefs, and MBTI.

Ask me about CliftonStrengths and my goal to do something brave every day.

Neil Meyrick

Ascot, UK

I unleash the potential of people, teams, and organizations

I’m a good listener and questioner. I catalyze productive conversations and build trust. I have 10 years of international sales experience and 20 years supporting international leadership development for Dell Technologies.

I am an AoEC accredited executive coach, certified in Hogan and MBTI. I speak German, French, and Spanish.

Ask me about hitchhiking to Turkey or baking bread

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Vicki Nicholson

Dublin, Ireland

I support individuals and teams to discover their potential and meet the leadership challenges of our times.

I facilitate learning and coach my clients to step up to more senior or complex roles, collaborate and influence in fast-changing environments, build diverse multi-locational teams, communicate authentically to inspire followership and increase emotional resilience and intelligence. I aim to bring a balance of compassion and candor and for my clients to experience a space that is safe and supportive enough for them to explore new ways of doing things and to take a leap when they are hovering on a threshold.

I have twenty years of experience in selling, designing and delivering highly innovative organization learning and development solutions in large multinational corporations as well as smaller technology driven start-ups. I lived away from my birthplace, Ireland, for thirty years and I have travelled the globe facilitating learning about leadership in over twenty countries, as far apart as Australia and Brazil.

Ask me about how to train for a Gran Fondo Masters World Championship final.

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Tracy Rickard

Dallas, TX

My work is driven by those “aha moments” where I get to see the hearts, heads, and minds of people realize new possibilities. I am on a mission to get that to happen as often as humanly possible.

I strive to create an inclusive, interactive learning environment where people are open to trying on something new. I have extensive facilitation skills with a focus on unconscious bias, leadership development, and executive presence. I have experience supporting strategy execution and change management. I can help with results driven communication.

I have over 25 years as a leadership consultant and business leader in a variety of industry sectors worldwide. I hold certifications in MBTI, EQi2, SDI, DiSC, Covey Leadership Courses, Power & Systems, Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability, and Experience Change.

Ask me about retiring in my RV…one day.

Lacy Roberson

Austin, TX

I help people and organizations unlock their potential while leveraging their strengths, maximizing their impact, and staying true to their values.

I have extensive experience working with C-suite executives and senior managers. I have conducted training and consulting assignments around the world with Fortune 500 organizations, governments, non-profits, NGOs, and educational institutions. I specialize in the areas of collaborative problem solving, change management, leadership & organization development and team facilitation.

I have over 25 years of experience (12 in executive leadership roles) in Human Resources, Learning, Talent, and Leadership/Organizational Development. I have held leadership roles in technology, banking, and telecommunications.

Ask me about my year-long sabbatical in Africa.

Lisa Rubenstein

Dallas, TX

I cultivate trusting and collaborative relationships with my clients enabling them to view challenges through a different lens and bring new options into focus so that they can experience impactful “aha” moments.

My focus and passion is coaching leaders through transformational change and witnessing the powerful ripple effect it has on entire teams, organizations and personal well-being.  I have extensive experience working with C-suite, senior leadership and rising stars to raise their game, establish achievable goals and develop the roadmap needed to get there.  I especially enjoy working with leaders to recognize their personal energy in any situation, how to manage it, and how it helps to lead and influence others. My coaching style is a healthy mix of challenge and ongoing support sprinkled with a sense of humor.

I am an International Coach Federation Certified Coach with an Executive emphasis.  Additionally, I hold a Professional Coach Certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and a B.A, in English from UCLA. I hold additional certifications in Mindful Leadership, Non-Profit Management, and I am an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP, iPEC) and Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator. My in-depth training in DiSC, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching and various other commonly used assessments and 360’s help my clients see their strengths and growth opportunities so we can work quickly and create meaningful change.

Prior to coaching, I was Managing Director of a nationally recognized IT consulting firm and have extensive experience navigating the corporate landscape and building and leading high performing teams

Ask me about how much I love networking and connecting great minds.

Marie-Laure Clisson Sinimalé

Dubai UAE

In my practice, I support communities, families, and organizations’ mental well-being and performance one individual at a time, through life coaching, executive coaching, and leadership advisory services. In organizations, I develop bespoke systemic problem-solving interventions. I help my clients gain clarity on what makes them stuck to co-create a path that expands their range of solutions for durable results.

My work focuses on change using cognitive, behavioural, emotional and an interactional approach. Passionate about this model, I also intervene in the promotion of the Palo Alto systemic model for change in organization. 

I have a trans-disciplinary background in translation, management, and leadership of international projects. I spent the last 15 years in the field of leadership development and executive education where I served in academia at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and YPO, the world’s premier leadership network. I am trained and certified in the ‘Palo Alto’ systemic and strategic therapy methods through the Gregory Bateson Institute. I have been practicing the ‘Palo Alto’ systemic and strategic approach for problem solving since 2015.

I was born and raised on the French Riviera. I have studied, lived, and worked in Spain, the USA, and Switzerland. I have worked in English and in French. I am fluent in Spanish and Italian. Since 2015, I’ve been enjoying Dubai’s vibrant international life with my husband, my two boys, and Pablo our adorable ‘sausage’ dog.

Ask me about how to untangle complex situations involving high emotions to better regulate them, Gregory Bateson and Paul Watzlawick’s contributions to systemic therapy, Reunion Island, and Provence special cuisine.

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Lisa Stornaeilo

Greater Boston Area

I help people reach their full potential, to learn, grow, be happy and confident. I work with all level of leaders, meeting them where they are and providing frameworks, tools, and coaching to increase their effectiveness.

I have expertise in organizational transformation, leadership development, and talent management. I have a background in design thinking, strategic planning, and instructional design. I have experience creating competency models, assessment tools, and certification programs for facilitators and HR business partners.

Over the last 20+ years, I have held leadership roles in financial services, healthcare, and technology organizations. I have over 10 years of non-profit experience. I am a certified in the Hogan Assessment Suite.

Ask me about my retirement passion project and pottery

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