Learning Solutions

Our Take on Learning Solutions

We believe that learning is a means and an end. When people learn together, they develop a unique and lasting connection. The process of learning keeps the mind agile and prepares people to adapt. Learning is also useful for achieving goals, solving problems, and preparing people for greater responsibility.

Unstuck Minds works through our strategic alliances and network partners to provide world class content. We partner with our clients to design learning that suits the organization and is integrated into the daily work of the learning population. We have designed learning solutions that can be delivered virtually in 90-minutes. We have designed multi-year, learning pathways that blend classroom experiences with stretch assignments, assessments, reflection activities, and coaching.

Our Flagship Learning Solution

Sample Custom Learning Solutions

Equity and Inclusion

We worked with a fast growing quick-service restaurant company committed to becoming a safe place for people to be themselves. We facilitated a series of town hall sessions and skill-building workshops. We designed an e-learning module for ongoing training and development. We worked with the client to develop a “be yourself” stance document that is now used for recruiting, onboarding, and cultural alignment.

Asking Better Questions

The program performance and evaluation office of a federal agency wanted to enhance their ability to support program design. Unstuck Minds helped their evaluation consultants learn to use a framework that ensures federally funded program design: 1) reduces the risk of missing something important, 2) avoids solving the wrong problem, 3) incorporates previously excluded perspectives, and 4) generates new insights and options.

Strategic Agility

Unstuck Minds designed a leadership development program for a Fortune 100 global telecommunications and information technology company. The program provided leaders with a methodology for recognizing and avoiding thinking traps when solving problems and setting direction. The program included a self-assessment of thinking-to-action preferences to help leaders seek high-quality information before reaching conclusions.

High-Potential Leadership Development

A Fortune 100 global retailer needed a way to accelerate the readiness of high potential leaders for a growing number of executive positions. Unstuck Minds worked with one of our strategic partners, Insight Experience, to build a year-long action learning solution. The learning process included a computer-based simulation, action-learning projects sponsored by the company’s senior team, and virtual peer-coaching sessions.

Collaborative Influence

A U.S. branch of a global banking group wanted to help their mid-level leaders collaborate more effectively across functional and regional boundaries. The leaders found themselves pulled in different directions and felt they were at the mercy of shifting priorities. Unstuck Minds delivered a workshop combining strategies for persuasion with skills for building interest-based agreements.

Managing Change

The managers of a creative marketing agency felt unprepared to support their teams during the pandemic. Unstuck Minds helped their managers recognize the sources of anxiety and fatigue that emerge as people adapt to uncertainty and risk. We equipped the managers to conduct one-on-one conversations and team meetings to create psychological safety and build working agreements.

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