How You Prefer to get Unstuck

The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the Unstuck Minds Profile (UMP) Site. The UMP identifies your thinking-to-action preferences. Your thinking-to-action preference is not a description of your personality. Your UMP won’t help you understand what energizes you or how you like to communicate, make decisions, or accomplish tasks. A profile of your thinking-to-action style does not describe the type of person you are.

The UMP will help you identify the type of information you’re drawn to when trying to get oriented to a complex or uncertain situation. Some people have strong preferences for certain types of information regardless of the situation that has them stuck. For others, the nature of the situation dictates the type of information they want.

We bring our experience, expertise, and thinking style preferences to bear when we’re stuck. As the situation becomes more complex, ambiguous, or disconnected from our previous experience we rely less on knowledge and expertise to orient ourselves and more on our thinking-to-action style.

After setting up your account by clicking the button below, you’ll need to enter a survey code to access the assessment.

Survey Code: UMPWA