Jay Gordon Cone, Ph.D.

Interaction Associates 2019 Photography by Nathan Morgan

I want people to be more questionable, so I started Unstuck Minds to help people ask better questions.

My research into the role of questions when organizational leaders think strategically led to the development of the Unstuck Minds Compass™. The compass model helps people overcome thinking traps that limit, misdirect, and preserve the status quo. The four-step Unstuck Minds Method includes a card sort exercise that engages participants in a productive dialogue about challenging situations.

I have been working as a facilitator, workshop leader and consultant for over thirty years. For the last twenty years I have been a senior consultant at the Boston based firm, Interaction Associates.

My work is based on the premise that the questions people ask about the situations they want to change reveal a lot about the way they think and feel. If you’d like to know more about how I came to focus on questions, check out the blog post, Invite a Philosopher to your Next Meeting.

My wife Katherine and I live in Dallas, Texas. We have three grown daughters.

I like a strong cup of black coffee in the morning and I eat popcorn with chopsticks because you can pace yourself and your fingers don’t get oily.

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