Bio Pic Jay Gordon Cone, Ph.D.

I have spent the past 30 years supporting leadership development and organizational change. My consulting practice and research interests relate to the topics of strategic agility and innovation; basically, I’m interested in how people think about the way they think about the problems they want to solve and the opportunities they want to explore.

For the last 20 years I have been a Senior Consultant at Interaction Associates.

I started Unstuck Minds to help people ask better questions so things can change. The Unstuck Minds Compass™ is the primary tool I developed to help people recognize and avoid thinking traps. I created a card sort exercise to make the model fun to use and easy to apply. The Unstuck Minds question cards make it easier for people in organizations to change the conversations they are having about persistent problems and daunting opportunities. Trust me. I’m a question authority.

My wife Katherine and I live in Dallas, Texas. We have three grown daughters.

I like a strong cup of black coffee in the morning and I eat popcorn with chopsticks because you can pace yourself and your fingers don’t get oily.