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Unstuck Minds Consulting and Facilitation Services

What’s most distinctive about our consulting services is how we start and how we end our work with your organization. We apply Unstuck Mind’s SCAN Methodology at the start of an engagement to reduce the risk of missing something important and ensure we’re solving the right problem. At the conclusion of a consulting engagement we teach your organization how to continue using the SCAN methodology to avoid getting stuck as the world continues to change. To address the challenge framed by the front-end SCAN, we tap into the subject matter expertise of our Network Partners to advise, facilitate, and co-design breakthrough solutions.

Sample Consulting and Facilitation Engagements

Creating Financial Stability for a Non-Profit

The managing director of an educational institute that trains and certifies teachers in the Montessori method wanted to find new sources of funding. Unstuck Minds facilitated a series of breakthrough sessions with diverse stakeholders. The conversations led to new grant awards for the coaching of early education teachers, an area not previously considered a priority for the organization.

Supporting a CEO Transition

The CEO of a global chief executive membership organization was preparing to transition to a new role. He wanted each member of his team to develop a point-of-view to share with the new CEO about the organization’s identity and future. Unstuck Minds helped the senior team develop strategic perspectives and operational priorities as input to the new CEO.

Designing an Organizational Stance on Equity and Inclusion

The CEO and Chief HR Officer of a fast-growing restaurant company wanted to institutionalize and custom-brand their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We worked with a variety of leaders and team members to translate concepts like unconscious bias and microaggressions into expectations for daily interactions. The stance document is now a key element of recruiting and onboarding. The document helps everyone in the company share responsibility for speaking up, creating psychologically safe spaces, and celebrating differences.

Aligning a Senior Team on Operational Priorities

The leader of a regional office of a global architecture and design firm wanted to align his senior team on key results areas for the coming fiscal year. Unstuck Minds designed a series of meetings to help identify priorities aligned with the region’s strategy and firm-wide objectives. The process surfaced a number of tensions that had gone unresolved and resulted in new working agreements that facilitated commitment to the annual plan.

Convening Physicians to Recommend Policy Solutions to the Opioid Crisis

In 2018 the Colorado Medical Society (CMS) convened physicians and healthcare professionals from around the state to align on recommendations to the state’s Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. We worked with CMS to design and facilitate the gathering. Applying the Unstuck Minds methodology, the group organized the work around four key questions related to prevention, intervention, treatment, and harm reduction.

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