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Creativity and compassion are the first causalities of our search for answers in times of chaos. We want to know what to do, but our minds get bogged down like a slow internet connection trying to handle too much data. Our daily lives have become increasingly complex. Unpredictability is the norm. We are exhausted and disoriented by a constant need to react, adjust, and cope.

When we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and rudderless, we make bad decisions. We settle for simplistic answers. We become susceptible to disinformation and the rantings of absolutists. We find ourselves avoiding people who express opinions we disagree with.

The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do is like a fitness regimen for your mind. The book explores the counterintuitive idea that being at a loss for what to do is an opportunity. By liberating ourselves from the thinking traps that isolate and divide, we can access the creativity and compassion we need to face our most daunting challenges.

About the author

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Jay Gordon Cone teaches people how to think together and solve problems together. Jay has spent the past 35 years supporting leadership development and organizational change. He has worked with leaders and organizations around the world.

Jay is a founding partner of Unstuck Minds, a firm focused on helping people access creativity and compassion when they feel stuck. Before starting Unstuck Minds with his business partner Lisa Weaver, Jay spent 20 years as a senior consultant for Interaction Associates and five years as adjunct faculty for the Executive MBA program at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Jay and his wife Katherine live in Dallas, Texas. He and Katherine have three adult daughters: Abby, Hannah, and Bekah.

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