Perfect Fit Structure and Leadership

Perfect Fit Supplements

Proud Member of the International Information Corporation Family

Perfect Fit Supplements is one of several independent business units of International Information Corporation (IIC)’s portfolio of companies. IIC has a B2B strategy serving global companies that leverage technology to provide services and products direct to consumers.

IIC has grown through a balanced combination of strategic acquisitions and internally incubated initiatives. IIC has a strong heritage of entrepreneurialism and innovation. Many of its internal initiatives, typically conceived by visionary IIC employees, have become significant businesses within its portfolio. 

As IIC grows, it continues to explore ways to use their technology, skills and experience to enhance the daily living activities of consumers. Perfect Fit was bought by IIC 5 years ago. Ram Muneer was especially interested in Perfect Fit’s experience with the FDA. IIC believes in a future powered by connected devices and data analytics.

We will be the world’s leading provider of information services, content, and products. We will do this by combining great people, great services, and great products, each and every day.

Ram Muneer

Celia Wilson, CEO (She/Her/Hers)

Celia Wilson came to Perfect Fit Supplements after 15 years as the head of Health and Fitness Analytics for GE Digital in San Ramon, California. Ram Muneer tapped Celia when IIC acquired Perfect Fit. Celia has a proven track record of leading an engineering organization and finding creative ways to transform sensor data into insights that lead to breakthrough solutions.

Celia has a reputation as a no-nonsense leader who sets clear direction for the business and demands efficient execution and flawless coordination. As leader of Perfect Fit, Celia is willing to make tough decisions when presented with supporting data and compelling logic. She acts quickly and decisively, leaning on small, ad hoc groups of trusted advisors – WorkOut Squads — brought together to tackle challenges as they arise. The WorkOut Squads are expected to be hyper-focused, quick-acting, crisis response teams who assemble quickly and then disassemble just as quickly. In addition to a solution and action plan, the WorkOut Squads provide Celia with valuable market intelligence based on the research they conduct as part of their problem-solving process.

Celia and her wife Jenelle run a non-profit to teach coding skills to young girls.

Aiguo Li, CFO

Aiguo Li heads up the finance function of Perfect Fit after working in a variety of finance and accounting roles for several IIC businesses. Most recently, Aiguo (who goes by “AG”) served as Vice President of Financial Planning and Strategy for HealthSmart. AG is a CPA and holds a certification in Financial Risk Management. He received an MBA from Washington State University.

AG and his wife Chu Hua have four children who keep them very busy.

Mateo Dona, Business Development and Account Relations

Mateo Dona started with Perfect Fit after receiving his MBA from EGADE Business School Santa Fe, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City. During his tenure at Perfect Fit, Mateo has served in a variety of account support and account management roles.

Mateo has received Thrive Gym’s Vendor of the Year award three times during Perfect Fit’s longstanding partnership with Thrive.

Mateo is an avid soccer fan and can be found most weekends playing for his adult soccer team.