What Stuck Looks Like

The Rinse and Repeat

An organization’s strategy has been the same for the last several years. Each year the senior team presents a plan that looks like a slightly improved version of the status quo

The Blame Game

Members of the senior team blame one another for an inability to resolve a long-standing pain point. Efforts to fix the issue have only increased resentment.

The Blindfold

An individual leader is unaware of the impact his or her behavior is having on others. The organization looks the other way rather than confronting the leader.

The Busy Bees

The organization values activity. Leaders prefer reacting more than taking time to thoughtfully respond. People are busy, but deep-down they suspect that they are focused on the wrong priorities.

The Set in Our Ways

The organization has announced a focus on innovation, collaboration, and inclusion, but leaders have not transformed the structures and mindsets in a way that will facilitate and sustain a culture change.

The Stale Bread

The foundational assumptions of an organization’s business model no longer pertain, but leaders continue to apply tried-and-true strategies in hopes that operational excellence (i.e. doing the wrong thing better) will reinvigorate the business.