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It was 1984. Four college buddies wanted a low-key place to exercise, hang out, and meet new friends. They couldn’t find a place that felt right. So they created one.

Our Guiding Principles

  • A safe, well-equipped playground. Our founders just wanted a place to be together while engaging in activities they enjoyed. They didn’t want to hang out at noisy bars or be stuck around a table at a restaurant. They made Thrive to be a place where people can socialize while getting fit.
  • Freedom to decide what “fit” means to you. Some people want six-pack abs. Some people want to boost their endorphins. Some people want to monitor how well their bodies metabolize food. Thrive wants to help you customize how you work out and help you determine what your body needs based on your goals and sophisticated, secure fitness tracking.
  • Service, not judgment. Serving our members is a higher calling for Thrive staff. You won’t just feel better after a visit to one of our gyms, you’ll feel better about yourself.

300 locations. 12 cities. 4 countries.

all high-end gyms with amenities that promote healthy social gathering.

Level Up Your Membership by Subscribing to Thrive’s Custom-Formulated Supplements

Although the culture at a Thrive gym emphasizes community and togetherness, we also know that every body is different. One of the ways we help you balance your needs is with supplements. Our supplements are custom-formulated for you, as a premium add-on to your base membership.

First you create a base profile detailing your current fitness levels, dietary habits, and goals. As you work out, your activity and performance on Thrive’s machines updates your profile in real-time. When you leave any visit, we custom-3D print your optimal supplement recipe right there at the juice bar, and hand you a supply of supplements formulated just for you. Each week, the formulation updates, based on your health goals and fitness data from your workouts. We can also accommodate special goals to your supplement recipe: High protein? Female support? Low-carb? Immune system support? We can do that, and more. Our fitness consultants will work with you to tweak your formulation as often as you like.

Welcome Kyle!
Thrive Names New VP of Supply Chain

Kyle McGiddy, CPP, has been tapped to lead Thrive’s purchasing and supply chain function. Patrick Maxwell, President and Co-Founder of Thrive Gyms, describes Kyle as, “a next-gen leader who will help position Thrive to serve the changing needs of people seeking a healthy lifestyle in today’s connected world.”

Before joining Thrive two years ago, Kyle worked for a variety of athletic apparel manufacturers in several supply chain leadership roles. As Senior Director of Purchasing for ProLyn Apparel, Kyle led the effort to build the popular ClubWear Social Network.

Kyle holds a Masters in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University. He and his wife Deliah have two active children. The family has a passion for indoor rock climbing and team water skiing.