Strategic Agility

Questions that inspired our solutions


How might we equip leaders to respond and adapt to conditions of uncertainty and complexity?


How might teams improve their ability to generate insights and options when they are stuck?


How might we help high potential functional leaders develop the strategic thinking skills used by effective general managers and executives?

Program Descriptions

For Leaders

working session in which leaders learn how to use a thought framework to reorient their approach to a real-world challenge that has them stuck.

On the first day, participants learn to deal with thinking traps that limit options, misdirect resources, and place blame when defining a situation they want to change. On day two, each participant is scheduled for a one-hour coaching session with the workshop facilitator to use what they’ve learned on a real and current challenge.

For Teams

A blended, action-learning experience involving a 1-day classroom session and weekly one-hour virtual coaching sessions over the course of 6-8 weeks.

Participants who share responsibility for a project outcome or task learn to use thinking skills and the Unstuck Minds Method to make progress on a real and current challenge.

For High-Potentials

A 3.5-day program co-delivered with our simulation partner, Insight Experience.

Teams of participants engage in an experiential, feedback-rich computer-based simulation. They learn and apply strategic agility and cross-boundary collaboration skills to make strategic and operating decisions while reflecting on their ability to adapt and respond to a fast changing, uncertain business environment.

Before the Workshop…

Each participant will take the Unstuck Minds Profile which is an assessment of one’s thinking-to-action preferences under conditions of uncertainty and complexity. 

This will help participants understand what information they are drawn to when a situation is changing and there is no obvious path forward.

During the Workshop…

Leaders will learn and practice new thought frameworks and tools in a feedback-rich environment by working together on real-world challenges that have them stuck.

After the Workshop…

Participants leave with practical tools (a card deck, access to an app, and a journal) that reinforce the learning and help them apply what they learned back on the job.