Embracing Uncertainty

Meet Charlie. Charlie has prepared himself for discovery. He is relaxed, righthand in pocket. He is undaunted, left fist pointing to his future. One gets the impression that Charlie has attempted this voyage before. Charlie courageously faces the uncertainty of wide-open spaces. He understands that hidden opportunities are within reach.

Soon you will participate in a learning experience called Embracing Uncertainty. The program is designed to be an integrative experience, allowing you to practice and gain insight from the concepts presented, and then reflect and discuss how you could apply them in your own work. The program incorporates a simulation and a model.

During the session, you will be organized into small teams of 4-5 participants. Together you will grapple with a challenge faced by a fictional company called Perfect Fit Supplements. As a team, you will play the roles of an ad hoc “WorkOut Squad” called together by the CEO. Each team will make two rounds of decisions about how to respond to an emergent challenge with a key customer. The two rounds represent a time period of about two weeks in the life of Perfect Fit’s business.

The information below will prepare you to get the most from the experience, and help orient you to the program content. You have five short assignments to complete before the session. You can expect to spend about an hour to complete the assignments below.

Step One: Download The Un-Learning Journal

To keep track of your reflections and key takeaways, and the information you’ll need for the workshop, download your journal. You will find space in the journal to take notes as you complete the advance assignments. The journal is formatted as a fillable pdf or you can print it out and keep handwritten notes.

Step TWO: Complete the Unstuck Minds Assessment (15 minutes)

The button below will take you to the assessment page.

  • Create an account.
  • Use the survey code: SCAN to access the assessment.
  • Save the report or print it out so that you can reference the information during the session.
  • Return to this page to complete the remaining steps.
Step THREE: identify a current challenge (5 minutes)

During the learning experience, you will explore a situation you’re currently facing at work. You do not need to prepare anything detailed in advance, simply have a situation in mind. Select a situation that meets most, if not all of the following criteria:

  • Current and unresolved challenge
  • You have authority to determine a next step or influence a next step
  • The situation feels uncertain or complex, there’s no obvious path forward
  • The situation impacts others and not everyone sees it the same way
Step FOUR: explore the world of Perfect fit (20 minutes)

In the simulation, you and a team will play the part of a “WorkOut Squad” in a business simulation about a company called Perfect Fit Supplements. The CEO of Perfect Fit, Celia, has just learned that one of Perfect Fit’s original (and most strategic) customers – Thrive Gyms – in a key market segment has decided not to renew their contract. Celia has asked you and a small group of other employees to help strategize for a meeting with Kyle, the new leader of procurement and supply chain for Thrive. Will you and your team be able to save the day?

Check out the webpages below to learn more about your most important customers and competitors…

Step FIVE: Prepare for your team’s Workout squad meeting (20 minutes)

The WorkOut Squad’s first assignment is to help Mateo, Perfect Fit’s account manager for Thrive Gyms, prepare a strategy for meeting with Kyle. Mateo expects to have limited time with Kyle.

The CEO and Account Manager value efficiency, so they’ve prepared some questions that have been successful from past WorkOut teams to spark your thinking.   

Review the questions at the link below. Before the session, identify up to 4 questions that you recommend Mateo ask Kyle at the Thrive meeting.  In other words, which of the questions at the link below are most likely to get you to the information you most want?  Also, choose 1 question that you think would be least effective at this point, and a note about WHY you do not recommend that question. 

You will use this thinking at the beginning of the Embracing Uncertainty learning experience. You and your workout squad will align on what Mateo will ask Kyle. Note these in your journal, which you downloaded above.

Congratulations!  You have completed the advance assignments, and you’re ready to be an active member of your simulation team.  We are looking forward to meeting you at the embracing uncertainty learning experience!