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Solutions for Gyms, Health Clubs, and Spas

Your Club’s members are dedicated to overall health – not just their fitness routine. How can you give your members even more value, in a way that sets you apart from other gyms and health clubs? You can get personal.

Everyone knows that “one-size-fits-all” actually fits nobody. It’s time we reimagined the concept of supplements. Enter Perfect Fit, nutritional supplements customized for each member depending on their body’s unique needs that day.  Dispensed right at your location, on demand, with your branding. 

How do we do that?

Each member completes a one-time questionnaire (available on any platform, or integrated with your club’s own app). The assessment, developed by our in-house physicians and nutritionists, asks about family background, health concerns, fitness goals, and sleep habits. Our algorithm uses that basic data to hone in on a formulation of the best vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, in the optimal forms, amounts, and proportions, for that individual. This formulation is called their “base recipe.” 

Then, after the member works out at any of your facilities, your club can dispense a supplement that considers not only the base recipe, but also the member’s nutrition data and fitness activity on that day, as tracked by their apps, their wearables, or your equipment. The member can also add special requests like high protein, weekend recovery, or women’s support. 

Perfect Fit offers the most effective supplements for your members – one at a time, all backed by scientific research. But what really makes Perfect Fit work for your club is accessibility. Right from a countertop machine, you can deliver each of your members a week’s supply of custom-formulated supplements. All you have to buy is the nutrient refill cartridges for your iVIT supplement printer.

Gyms and Health Clubs all over the world are installing the iVIT printers in their juice bars. Most clubs charge their membership an additional fee for this service, which easily covers the cost of the refills. We can also provide your club with white-labeled snacks and meal replacement shakes.

Help your members bypass the hype and confusion of the supplements aisle. No more nightstands, kitchen counters, and medicine cabinets overflowing with supplement bottles. Give them the perfect mix by using Perfect FIt!

An FDA Approved, Patented, Custom-Formulation Process that no one else can Provide

Perfect Fit custom-formulates dietary supplements based on a user’s profile, fitness habits, and health goals. Perfect Fit’s white labeling allows gyms, spas, and health clubs to brand the supplements and sell them exclusively to their members. The 3D printing process has been approved under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Because Perfect Fit demonstrated efficacy through the data collected by our wearables, we are the only FDA approved supplements on the market.

No public facility? No problem!

Our connected fitness clients can add a supplement mailing option to their subscribers. You or they decide the frequency. Your iVIT resides at any office you choose. Your subscriber orders through their app and you ship branded supplements direct to their location.

Connected fitness subscribers can order custom-formulated supplements
through their app.