Perfect Fit Supplements

Celia Wilson talks to Julio Velasquez on the FITBuZz Podcast

Julio Velasquez, host of FiTBuzz
Celia Wilson (She/Her/Hers), CEO Perfect Fit Supplements

Celia Wilson makes the cover of Personal Fitness Magazine

There is no standard or ideal fitness everyone should strive for. We supplement each person’s health and wellness routines wherever they are and whenever it works for them.

Celia Wilson (She/Her/Hers) CEO, Perfect-Fit Supplements

Donna Proskinaya, MD, PhD, and head of Perfect Fit Supplements Research department wins IIC Spectrum Award

IIC CEO Ram Muneer presented Dr. Proskinaya with the IIC Spectrum Award for developing Perfect-Fit’s patented formulation process. The Spectrum Award is given out yearly to the IIC employee or team with the vision to consider the full spectrum of information and ideas to create something of profound value for the organization and its customers.

Muneer noted that much of the spectrum of light is invisible. Spectrum winners often see past the obvious and available opportunities to surface insights and options before others can even imagine them.