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User Fitness Data + Customizable Nutrition = Loyal Customers

Your members and subscribers are dedicated to overall health – not just their fitness routine.  How can you give them even more value, in a way that sets you apart from the rest? Make it personal.

Perfect Fit makes it possible for health clubs, gyms, and connected fitness platforms to custom-formulate dietary supplements, snacks, and meal replacements for members and subscribers based on their profile, fitness habits, and health goals. As a white label manufacturer, our services allow you to custom-brand the supplements and sell them exclusively to your members and subscribers.

Everyone knows that “one-size-fits-all” actually fits nobody. It’s time we reimagined the concept of supplements. Enter Perfect Fit – nutritional supplements customized for each member, depending on their body’s unique needs that day. Dispensed right at your location, on demand, with your branding. 

Our Technology – Your Packaging

Clubs and Spas all over the world are installing the iVIT printer in their juice bars. Most clubs charge their membership an additional fee for this service, which easily covers the cost of the refills. We also provide your club with white-labeled snacks and meal replacement shakes. Help your members avoid the hype and confusion of the supplements aisle.

Custom Formulation

We make it possible for you to ship customized supplements directly to your customers, members, or subscribers.

How does it work?

Each member completes a one-time questionnaire (available on any platform, or integrated with your club’s own app). The assessment, developed by our in-house doctors and nutritionists, asks about family background, health concerns, fitness goals, and sleep habits. 

Our algorithm uses that basic data to hone in on a formulation of the best vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, in the optimal forms, amounts, and proportions, for that individual. This formulation is called their “base recipe.” 

Print Supplements On Site

We provide on-site 3D printers for gyms and health clubs. Members walk out with supplements adjusted to their most current health and fitness data.

How does it work?

After the member works out on any of your equipment, your club can dispense a supplement that considers not only the base recipe, but also the member’s nutrition data and fitness activity on that day, as tracked by their apps, their wearables, or your equipment.

The cartridges include a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as probiotics, protein, and other specialized nutrients, so your members can also add special requests like weekend recovery, women’s support, or paleo. The possibilities are endless and we continually update our supplement recipes to respond to the most recent demands.

PERFECT FIT offers the most effective supplements for your members – all backed by scientific research. But what really makes PERFECT FIT work for you is the accessibility. Right from a countertop machine, you can deliver each of your members the perfect mix of nutrients for them, for that day or week, in a small number of capsules. After your initial investment in the printer, all you have to buy is the nutrient refill cartridges for your iVIT printer.

Many of our customers report that with the supplement program on a “daily” plan, their members are more likely to come to the gym every day, encouraging longevity and loyalty in their membership with you. You can, of course, dispense the supplement at any frequency you (or they) wish.

Denise Washburn
Chief Marketing Officer of HomeBody!

Perfect Fit’s supplements and snacks keep us relevant and connected to our subscribers.

Patrick Maxwell,
President and Co-Founder of Thrive Gyms

Once we started 3D printing supplements on site, member retention doubled!