What We Believe

Getting stuck in the way we are thinking is like finding ourselves in quicksand; the harder we struggle to find an answer, the more stuck we become.

At Unstuck Minds, we help people notice their thinking habits and discover new perspectives. We are interested in helping people realize their potential while realizing their goals.

Sometimes we get stuck because:

  • Something has changed, but our routines remain the same
  • We are focused on the wrong problem
  • We lack novel or unconventional options
  • It doesn’t feel safe to change our minds

Sometimes we don’t even recognize that we are stuck.

When we learn to ask a better question, we not only restore momentum and confidence; but we also liberate ourselves from the thinking traps that isolate and divide us.

Questions We Care About

  • How might people learn to ask better questions?
  • How might encounters with people different than us make us more rather than less compassionate?
  • How might we productively engage with ideas we don’t like?
  • How might we become more open-minded in the face of uncertainty and complexity?
  • How do we make learning an essential byproduct of doing?

The Unstuck Minds Method

If you’re stuck for an answer, look inside your question

If your beliefs are responsible for keeping you stuck, asking better questions may help.

We believe that you will reach more productive conclusions and discover a way forward if you spend time with others thinking through the answers to four questions:

  1. What is changing? An exploration of environmental factors and trends.
  2. What is holding us back? An investigation into the structures and mindsets that may be responsible for patterns that keep you stuck.
  3. Who needs what? An exercise in empathy and curiosity to surface insights about people.
  4. How might we define our challenge? An exercise in reframing and reorientation.