A curated cohort-based learning and development experience for mid to senior level professionals who are embarking on a personal and professional journey to realize their full leadership potential, propel their career to new heights, and make a meaningful impact on their organization and beyond. This unique program connects a powerful peer group of female leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries to leverage the genius of the cohort, as well as a faculty of best-in-class catalysts and coaches who will develop your ability to think, connect, and communicate with impact, compassion, and creativity. This program drives critical outcomes that disrupt the habits and routines that no longer serve us, maximize our authentic leadership, and magnify our influence.

What’s Special about Ignite You?

  • You will be matched with a curated cohort of leaders that will meet and challenge you as you step into your transformational leadership journey.
  • You will be led by catalysts who uniquely understand transformative work and the complexities of women in leadership.
  • A unique learning experience designed to provide you with personal clarity and resolve that will inspire and ignite sustained action towards your aspirational future.

What is it?

A yearlong curriculum of in-person and virtual learning and connection experiences that tend to the whole leader and provide you with the foundation, inspiration, space, and tools to remove obstacles and truly unlock breakthroughs.

Session OneMay 3-4, 2024
Lake Texoma, TX
Connection and Insight Retreat
Session TwoAugust 8, 2024
Dallas, TX
How You Think: Cultivating an Unstuck Mind
Session ThreeNovember 7-8, 2024
Dallas, TX
How You Show Up: Presence, Influence, and Self-Advocacy
Session FourFebruary 6, 2025
Dallas, TX
How You Transform: From Vision to Reality
  • Assessments
  • Access to a technology platform to elevate learning and connection
  • Individual & Group Coaching to work real challenges and opportunities
  • Accountability Pods
  • Mentorship
  • Check-in and progress discussions with sponsoring organizations

Are you a leader who is…

  • Leading strategic and transformational work within an organization?
  • Aspiring to make transformational change in your life and in the organizations and systems you are a part of?
  • Looking for clarity about how you can best contribute with meaning and impact?
  • Ready to invest in your personal and professional development with a financial and time commitment of $5,500 per year and 1-2 days per quarter + interim activities and assignments?
  • Motivated to connect with a curated network of support to recharge, rethink, and solve real personal and professional challenges through new ways of thinking and collective mindshare?

Investment: $5,500 per participant for the yearlong experience

ROI to the Leader

You can expect that the Ignite You program will:

  • Help you break free of limiting beliefs and status quo thinking.
  • Give you the language, skills, and confidence for self-advocacy.
  • Provide a brave space to share openly, experiment, make mistakes, learn, and grow.
  • Provide developmental experiences designed to identify and ready you for your definition of success now and into the future.
  • Provide you with a network of developmental relationships willing to help you spur insights, solve your business challenges, and advance in your career.
  • Expose you to new, best-in-class talent and organizational development frameworks, tools, and solutions
  • Give you the time, space, tools, and inspiration to unlock your journey toward purpose and potential.

ROI to the Organization

Participants in Ignite You can expect to return the investment to their organizations through:

  • Enhanced communication, influence, and executive presence skill sets
  • A new Strategic Thinking framework specifically geared towards success in uncertain environments
  • More confident, supported, and effective leadership for those in critical roles
  • Innovative and fresh thinking spurred