About Fit Club


Fit Together Better

The first rule of Fit Club is tell all your Friends about Fit Club!

How it Works

Socializing fitness creates a feeling of belonging and community. It has been a highly successful motivator for subscribers to continue with their fitness goals, and retain members with your facility.

FitClub subscribers can build a fitness community – no matter where they are.

FitClub provides your members or subscribers with data about their own personal development — but in the context of a social community! Based on their fitness goals and levels, each of your members will join their own “FitClub” of people with similar goals and levels. For example, someone training for their first triathlon would find others at their fitness levels who are also working toward a triathlon in their Club.

Highly sensitive monitors in the workout equipment track how well an individual is performing through analysis of position and position of force, applied to the workout equipment.

We can send subscribers reminders about their fitness commitments so the can compare progress with other members of their club. Often, club members connect with each other through other social media apps – fitness partners become a new circle of friends.

About Fit Club

FitClub was founded by a software engineer and a consumer insights expert who met while training for their own first triathlons.

Our approach to software development focuses on user-interfaces that create infographic dashboards to support your member’s decisions and motivations about their fitness.

We have over 25 years of experience turning information into insights and displaying insights as intuitive infographics.

We’ve combined our passion for fitness, the joy of social connection, and the power of data analytics into the fastest growing gamification platform for friends who want to fit together better.