Meet The Opportunity Nobody Asked For*

You might be thinking that this is the worst time to set direction for your organization. After all, the future looks more uncertain and riskier than usual. How can we plan, if we don’t know what to anticipate?

Time to question your future

1) The best time to be creative is when people aren’t stuck. Our former ways of doing things have ended, so we’re not constrained by status quo thinking. The coming reality is not yet formed, so we’re not focused on coping with a new normal.

2) The future isn’t a fixed set of conditions that we haven’t arrived at. The future is the outcome of our collective choices, investments, and innovations. If you and your organization decide to wait, you’re leaving it up to others to define the future for you. You will end up planning within the constraints created by those who got creative while others froze.

If you want to be an organization that helps define our world’s future, Unstuck Minds would be honored to help you productively question your future.

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* I heard Matt Mullenweg use this phrase in an interview with Sam Harris. We’re not sure if he made it up, but we believe in crediting our sources.